Analytics–based AI coaching for Rocket League.

The only data-driven approach to improving at Rocket League.

How we’re able to identify the skills you need to rank up.

When you upload your game replays, our patented AI can analyze over 60+ in game events to evaluate your skills and compare them against the competition within your rank.

With that information we then show you the exact areas with the largest skill gaps and offer you the personalized training plans to improve.

Why Choose Data Coach?

AI &
 Machine Learning

Instead of offering generic tips, tricks, and tutorials we leverage technology to highlight areas you need to rank up.

 Training Videos     

We’ve partnered with Pro Rocket League players and coaches like Metsanauris to create training videos to help you level up.

Live Statistical Breakdown

Your dashboard is constantly updated with new stats so you can track your progress as you improve your game.

Pro-Guided Training Videos

To be the best, you have to learn from the best.

We’ve partnered with 6-year pro player Metsanarius to develop the highest-value training videos and tutorials for Rocket League.

Because why learn from someone in your own skill bracket when you can learn real techniques from real pros?

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Patented AI Modeling

POLR Analysis

POLR is the name of our Artificial Intelligence Model. Simply put, we measure different skillsets and compare it to players of similar rank to identify the quickest and easiest way for you to rank up. The more you upload, the more data we analyze to highlight training plans specifically designed to help you close the gap.


Track your progression like never before

With a personalized dashboard that highlights in game stats and monitors progression, you’ll get a deep look at how you are performing across all areas of the game.

Stats don’t lie

Find out the truth about your Rocket League Skills.