Personalized 1 on 1 Rocket League coaching without the hassle.

DataCoach is the leading e-sports coaching service that turns data into more wins in Rocket League*.

Upload Replay Files

Automatically upload game play files once your account has been created

Benchmark Analysis

DataCoach’s Machine Learning algorithm will identify your unique opportunities to rank up faster

Personalized Output

Easy to use dashboard to identify biggest in game opportunities and track progress

We’re here to make gaming more fun by providing a competitive edge

Free Account Creation

Sign up today and gain access to DataCoach for free! Start uploading replays automatically via BakkesMod plugin or manual upload.

Tiered Monthly Subscription Options

Low monthly subscription options are available for all competitive gamers no matter their budget. Premium memberships gain access to our full suite of analytics and improvement recommendations.

Progression Tracking

Check back in as you log more games as our Machine Learning model POLR continuously updates and refines as you rank up and the meta changes!


So what exactly is DataCoach?

DataCoach is an analytics based coaching service. We leverage a sophisticated (and patent pending) Machine Learning model that we call POLR (Path Of Least Resistance) to break down your game play, compare 60+ in-game events to your peers at your current rank and the next rank up. Then, we are able to tell you what areas you should focus on improving in order to rank up the quickest possible!

How do I upload replays?
Glad you asked! The easiest way is we have a BakkesMod plugin that can be found here. If you are not familiar with BakkesMod, check them out! If you prefer not to use our auto replay uploader, there is a manual upload process we can walk you through as well.
Can I upload replays from console?

Unfortunately it is not a capability currently, but don’t worry! There are still two ways you can still leverage DataCoach. You can either play with a team mate on PC who can upload and the replays will automatically be linked to your account, or if any other player already uploaded a game you were in, those replays will be there as well!

How much does DataCoach cost?

Great question- creating an account and uploading replays is free and will always be. While the basic coaching tips will be free, we do charge for full access to our services. Check out our Pricing page to see which tier suits your budget the best!

*US Patent Pending