You upload Rocket League replays.
DataCoach shows you how to improve.

RL DataCoach provides personalized Rocket League Training via our proprietary AI coaching model which identifies 60+ of your in-game events and outlines how you stack up against the competition in your rank.

1. Create Free Account

Sign up today with your Epic Games Login and gain instant access to DataCoach for free!

2. Upload Your Game Replays

Easily upload your replays manually or automatically using the BakkesMod. 

3. Receive Personalized Coaching Plan

Our proprietary AI Coach is able to identify your unique opportunities within seconds, providing a customized rocket league training plan to help you streamline improvement and unlock those elusive season rewards in no time.

Personalized Dashboard

After uploading your Rocket League replays, our App will automatically populate your dashboard with your unique coaching output. Then you can quickly focus on where to best spend your time fine tuning your gameplay to win more.

New Replays, New Insights.

Check in after every ranked gameplay session as DataCoach provides new and relevant training advice each time you upload new replays.

In-Depth Analytics

Our AI app has the ability to objectively identify the exact in-game mechanics that are holding you back from ranking up faster. Review 60+ events across offence, defence, positional and mechanics to see what’s relevant to your play style.

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