Does RLDataCoach actually use AI?

Yes we do! We identify 60+ in game events in every replay and evaluate how you execute each event versus a benchmark of your peers at the same rank. We then use our AI model to identify how small improvements in specific events correlate with more goals scored and less goals conceded, and more wins overall. The model is Machine Learning based and is constantly refining our recommendations as more replays are uploaded.

How do you secure payment info?

Glad you asked! All payment processing is completed by Stripe, a third party payment processing platform. We do not process the payments ourselves and do not store any personal information ourselves to ensure security for our users. We leave that up to the professionals over at Stripe.

How do I upload replays?

There are two ways to upload replays- manually or automatically. When you click the upload replay button on the dashboard, there is a walk through on how to do both! We show you where your replays are stored on your computer, or you can download our BakkesMod plugin and games will automatically be sent to our site upon match completion.

What replays can I upload?

We will only process replays in competitive playlists for 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. The main reason is there is a significant amount of variability in private and casual matches, where the rank discrepancy and consistency of effort fluctuates too much for us to be confident we are fairly evaluating players true skill versus like-skilled opponents. We recognize “smurfing” can impact our evaluation as well but we do our best to isolate these players from our benchmarking.

Can I use DataCoach if I am on console?

Good news! While you are not able to upload directly to our site yourself from console, once you create an account we are able to link any replay uploaded to our site to your Epic ID! Therefore, if you play with a PC friend who uploads, or someone in your match uploads to our site, we are able to provide you with our personalized analytics based coaching output.

Why is data not populating after I upload?

The typical reason why you aren’t seeing data is because our coaching report requires a minimum of 10 games uploaded to work. The reason being is we’ve identified than anything less causes statistical anomalies that doesn’t fairly represent your gameplay. The more replays we have, the better we understand your play style. Uploaded 10 games and still not seeing anything? Let us know:

I have other questions…

Great! Head over to our contact page and we will happily answer any questions you have or would love to hear any feedback on how we can improve.